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Learning to identify the source of the pain is not an easy task.
Heel spurs and heel stress fractures feel better when you walk on your toes.
Plantar fasciitis typically produces MORE discomfort when you shift your weight onto your toes. Compare plantar fasciitis and the Flexor Digitorum Brevis (FDB) muscle: where the plantar fascia functions passively to store and return energy, while the FDB is more dynamic in “variable load sharing”. Heel spurs form at the origin of a small muscle that goes to the toes, and the FDB muscle, not to the plantar fascia. The FDB distributes pressure away from the plantar fascia. When walking, plantar fasciitis issues occur when the speed in which the toes move upward during the propulsion period is weak. Plantar fasciitis greatest stress is during the propulsion period when running. Avoid making initial ground contact with the mid or forefoot since these strike patterns increase tension on the fascia.

At Magnolia Reflexology and Massage, I utilize an interactive protocol that involves massage and stretches plus clients are given exercises to do at-home between appointments.

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