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enjoy the most relaxing massage and reflexology therapies here at Magnolia Reflexology in the Pointe Claire South area. My name is Margaret and I am a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT) and a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) who studied at Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC), KineConcept, Centre de Orchidee de l'Outaouais and  Ecole de Massotherapie Adam.
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Licensed by the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC)
Registered member of the Société Nouvélle de Massotherapié du Québec (SNMQ) 
Registered member of the Association québécois des therapeutes naturals (AQTN)

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Cold and Flu Season - Should You Get a Massage While Sick?

Winter brings much cooler temperatures, holiday celebrations and seasonal illnesses. During this time of year, many of my clients frequently ask if they should receive bodywork sessions if they are sick. The short answer is no
Aside from the obvious danger of spreading contagious illnesses, massage therapy during an illness can actually make you feel worse! Massage therapy does boost the immune system and can relieve your tension. However, when your body is already fighting off a virus due to a cold or flu, a massage can actually make things worse. Massage increases circulation throughout the body. With this increased circulation and manipulation of the muscles, it releases and/or pushes metabolic waste through your system faster than normal. Have you ever gotten a massage and noticed about halfway through you get a little congested? That is a sign your body is ridding itself of waste, it gets a little backed up in the sinuses. When you are already dealing with cold/flu symptoms the massage can compound your symptoms and make you feel worse. Your body is already having to fight off the virus you don't want to be adding to it. A massage session will increase blood circulation and place demands on your body during a time when you should be resting. Getting a massage can seem like resting, but it is actually hard work for your body to respond to the bodywork techniques. Our bodies cannot heal easily when its working, and instead of feeling energized you may end up feeling totally exhausted. The best idea is to stay home and rest.
Make sure you are past the initial, acute stage of the sickness. Never come in for a treatment if you are contagious. That is just being considerate of your therapist and the other clients.
Best for everybody if you come back when you are feeling better.

What is Reflexology?
Practiced world-wide for centuries, it's a method of touch therapy. For either preventative care or in response to physical or emotional distress, this therapy acts as a method to aid the body towards its own natural healing processes. It offers profound health benefits, all of which stem from the reduction of stress & tension, which frequently contribute to the increase of disease. The goal is to reduce the stress level by activating pressure points on the foot which impacts the rest of the body. With each consecutive session, the body learns to better cope with stress.

According to The American Journal of Medicine, stress is known to cause over 80% of all illnesses. Reflexology reduces stress automatically during a session, causing chemical changes to occur at the cellular level throughout the body. Through systematic pressure and stimulation of the reflexes on the feet and hands, the body is assisted to return to natural functioning. 

What is a Swedish Massage?
Swedish massage is the most well-known form of massage therapy. It gently relaxes the entire body by combining various hands-on techniques. The therapist will use gliding, kneading and cross-fiber friction strokes to help melt away muscle knots, called adhesion's. It can be slow and gentle or vigorous and bracing, in order to loosen tight muscles, relieve tension and reduce stiffness. Massage has therapeutic values beyond the relief it provides sore muscles. Massage has been proven to improve lymph circulation, strengthen connective tissues, improve mental alertness, and promote a more restful sleep. A Swedish massage is a calming and nurturing therapy to be enjoyed by everyone.

What is Thai-Yoga Massage?
Many centuries ago in the temples of Thailand, a dynamic bodywork therapy was developed based on a blend of yoga, Ayurveda and martial arts. In Thai Yoga Massage, the practitioner guides the client through a series of easy yoga postures and gentle stretching while massaging along the body's energy lines and acupressure points. Together, these actions result in a comprehensive full-body treatment that relieves muscular tension, improves circulation, boosts the immune system and balances the energy in the body.
The sessions for Thai Yoga Massage takes place on a floor mat. The client needs to wear comfortable clothing, such as yoga pants or track pants, to the session. Thai Yoga Massage is practiced as a duet. Counter-balancing and levering the client's body, working with gravity, breath, and acupressure points to create a harmonious and therapeutic movement. It will leave you feeling deeply nourished, relaxed, and filled with energy.

Reflexology and Massage are complementary to standard medical care and should not be construed as medical advice. Please remember that it is an adjunct to medical help and not a replacement for it. You should seek medical help if you have an urgent or acute problem.


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